Welcome to the fdj.org.uk personal website.
My name is Frank Johnson and  I live in Tavistock, a small town in the south west of the UK.
Work: Retired Broadcast Engineer.
My hobbies include Hi-Fi loudspeaker building, amatuer radio and photography.
My radio callsign is G0GSR

Dartmmor Devon
 Dartmoor Stream  Frank Johnson
I have been using the Linux Operating system for many years and have slowly watched it grow into the capable system that it is today.
I am pleased to say that I have totally dumped all Microsoft products. Here's one person who has NOT contributed to the Bill Gates' retirement fund.
After years of using various distributions of Linux, I now use Ubuntu with KDE Plasma desktop.


Amateur DX Cluster GB7NHT
This is now closed
A/V speaker

DJ website David Johnson's Website My son's website.

My photo galleries:
Awaiting updates.....

A few my photographic attempts

Amateur Packet radio
I am the regional coordinator for region 208-215 addresses
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